Important Insurance Purchasing Advice

There is no insurance company that can meet everyone's needs with the best coverage at the best price. That is why there are so many insurance companies. Do business with an Insurance Agency that represents many insurance companies. Have them review your coverages each year. Sometimes it's best to have all your insurance with the same insurance company so you can get the multiple policy discounts, and sometimes it's best to have your insurance with one agency but your insurance with many different insurance companies. Insurance companies change all the time. The one I have auto insurance with this year might not be the one I have it with next year.

This is my current Personal Insurance Portfolio

Auto = Allstate
Home = Kemper
Boat & Jet Skiis = Progressive
4wheeler = Progressive
Umbrella = Mercury
Farm= StateAuto
Business = Insurors Indemity
Workers Comp = Hartford
Life = GPM, State Mutual, MidContinent
Health = United Health Care
Dental = NAFMD
Annuity = Hartford
IRA = Life Settlements


Most insurance companies do a good job on claims when it's an easy claim. But when it's a difficult claim, usually a gray area claim, it's better to have an agent that represents many insurance companies so that they can go to bat for you.

Do you really think a captured agent, that is an agent that represents only one insurance company, would tell his insurance company that he would quit if they did not pay a claim when he feels that his client if being treated unfairly? Well of course not.

In my 38 years in the insurance business, I have gone to bat for many clients and have told several insurance companies that I would cease to do business with them if they did not treat my client fairly.

That is my job. I represent the client, not the insurance company.

Dennis Cooper, CEO